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Using TeleProspecting to Educate the Market & Promote the CLOUD

From a technology perspective, nothing in recent history has taken the market by storm quite like moving to the Cloud.

A generation ago, virtualizing servers and storage was all the rage; this approach to managing IT platforms revolutionized the way businesses thought about hardware and software in their computer environment. Economies of scale, simplified manageability and increased performance became a reality,and virtualization is still pertinent today.

However, there are new options emerging to automate, orchestrate and optimize the delivery of IT- it called the Cloud. Depending on who you talk to you can get a wide variety of definitions of what the cloud is- but to define it simply: the Cloud is IT as a service.

Accounts today have many options- Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid varieties. Cloud computing is delivered through hardware and software configurations that allow more freedom, mobility and versatility than ever thought possible.

But how can you, as a business, stand out from the pack and illustrate how your Cloud offering is different? Better? An option is to educate the marketplace using a service provider that understands Cloud technology.

TeleNet realizes that there are many Cloud