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B2B Cold Calling During the Holidays

Where has 2011 gone? It hard to believe we are winding down and about to close out another year. The hustle and bustle has begun this holiday season – planning parties, making holiday gift lists and putting up decorations. But don’t forget! This can be a great opportunity for your telemarketing campaigns to reach key decision makers.

Don’t assume your prospects will be out of the office. C-level executives who are normally away on business travel may be catching up in the office. Your contacts may actually be taking advantage of quiet phones, fewer distractions and less business travel. And you never know when the administrative assistant might be out of the office and the first person you speak with could actually be the contact you’ve been aiming to talk to! Be prepared and take advantage of those conversations!

Jumpstart 2012 and lay the groundwork for a solid year. Make a point to reach out and educate potential customers now so that when they have a little downtime during the holidays they can research and inquire with any questions they may have about your offering. Decision makers may be working, planning for next year and thinking about new ideas. It can be a great time to introduce your company. This will also help ensure that they incorporate what you have to offer into their budget for the upcoming year. Stay top of mind and don’t be a stranger!

Remember- your cold calls are not interruptions. The products and services you have to offer are important contributions to your prospects businesses and are of critical importance. Maintain momentum and take advantage of this time a year when others may shy away from it. Don’t let up on your demand generation activities just because it is the end of the year. Use it to your advantage!