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Market Changes: How teleprospecting can quickly inform you of things critical to your business

Businesses are changing the way they consume.

There are new trends emerging regarding what products and applications businesses want to keep in-house and those they would like to outsource. Outsource you ask? Yes,

Companies of all sizes today are having to make tough decisions about whether or not it cheaper to deploy and run certain IT initiatives in-house- or if it makes more sense to farm that out to a specialist- allowing focus on the core-business. Some entities farm out a small portion of their IT- and others are now doing 100%- but no matter how you look at it- there are some fundamental changes happening.

Strategic and pointed teleprospecting can yield insight into how the market is evolving. Take the move to the cloud as an example. Pooling resources and making them more readily available is a huge trend- and companies today will be doing one of two things- deploying it themselves or outsourcing. Accounts choosing to outsource then essentially do not have a need to buy hardware anymore- so how does a manufacturer of hardware products sell their goods? They must shift their focus to also include the accounts that provide the outsourcing services like Cloud, as well as Hosted, Managed and Web Services.

Missing the boat on how your target is evolving can severely impact your revenue. Through data gathering collected during teleprospecting – you can take the guesswork out of calculating your next moves from a marketing perspective.