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Inbound Marketing on the Rise – Leverage it to Enhance Teleprospecting Interaction

The excitement around inbound and social marketing tactics is on the rise among business-to-business marketers, particularly in the area of lead generation. As my colleague Kathy Rizzo pointed out in a recent Atlanta Business Chronicle article,Why Social Media Doesn’t Replace Tradition , these tactics are important components of a marketing strategy providing valuable content and driving interest among prospects; they can also be leveraged by teleprospectors to enhance outbound dialogue with prospects.

Recently, Lauren Goldstein featured an article titled,Inbound vs. Outbound B2B Demand Generation Marketing on her Lauren On Demand demand generation blog. The article highlights the importance of relevant content designed to meet pain points and interests of the target audience as key to success for any marketing campaign, regardless if it is inbound or outbound. This is a great point, and is something that should be considered when developing any teleprospecting initiative. An interesting item from the article was a statistic from a HubSpot inbound marketing survey that stated:

  • Inbound marketing-dominated organizations experience a cost per lead 62% lower than outbound marketing-dominated organizations

While I am not surprised by this statistic, I do think it can be misleading to marketers, particularly those that still rely on cost per lead metrics. I wanted to point up a couple things to keep in mind: