An Easy Way to Support Sales and Maximize Lead Follow-up - TeleNet Marketing

An Easy Way to Support Sales and Maximize Lead Follow-up

When telemarketing sales leads are fed through our client CRM system and appear for a designated partner or sales representative for follow-up, my contact information is visible to them, so that if they have any questions or comments before placing that critical call to the account, I can assist if necessary.

One interesting aspect about the conversations that I have with sales representatives and specialists is that they are excited about the amount of detail captured in the summary of the lead. They have everything they need for the most part: budget, solution needed, the current operating environment, the purchase timeframe, the best time to call,it all in there. However- what most revealing is that sales specialists enjoy the tips I share with them regarding how to ensure the lead provided is fully leveraged. For example,the number of times an attempt must be made to reach someone comes up often. Not giving up too soon is critical. Understanding the account intelligence provided is also a cornerstone of the conversations I am having with sales executives- sometimes talking out the lead with me on the phone helps anchor the next steps to take firmly, so when they pick up the phone or get ready to hit the