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Proactively Selling To Customers

As a sales person, I know that it important to find opportunities to talk with clients (not just prospects) about our capabilities and our entire services portfolio. This is necessary even for clients who have been working with us for years.

We all get so busy day-to-day focused on whatever given fire is burning the brightest, and thus, keeping an eye on a vendors’ full portfolio is NOT top of mind. Thus, as a sales person, it is my job to occasionally provide an added insight on how our other services may impact their job, goals, etc. I believe there is a direct connection between the types of activities I do as a sales person and the work we do on behalf of our clients. Based on this, I can offer the following advice,

  • Be Proactive with Communication: Ensure that you don’t stop selling and marketing to a company just because they are using your product or service. Your competitors are continually trying to unseat you, thus you have to keep showing your value and keep communicating with your customers.
  • Cross-train and Cross-sell: Don’t focus solely on your newest product; keep your full portfolio in the forefront with your customers.
  • Connect the Dots: Show your customers the value of your tried and true products/services that may have fallen into the background (what they’re not using). And when possible, tie that tried & true option to your newest service. Talk to your customers about how they work together for a complete solution.

Conversations, through telemarketing, can help you to execute this type of proactive marketing/sales strategies with your current customers. Telemarketing can easily incorporate several pieces of a portfolio into a campaign messaging in order to maximize each conversation. Furthermore, telemarketing has the bandwidth to keep in touch with your customers on an ongoing basis, while escalating their needs to the right sales person at the right time.