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Using Telemarketing for Service-Led Engagements

If you’re tasked with generating leads for a Service led engagement (as opposed to a product or attaching services to a product), than you likely know that your telemarketing programs require different tactics and methodology. Following are four strategies that we recommend deploying,

  1. Engage high with relevant messaging. In many cases, Service-led engagements need to be discussed at the executive level, particularly when outsourcing is a component. When utilizing the phone as a marketing medium, it important to focus your message on business benefits; presenting a problem that you can help to solve. Keep away from buzzwords, as they will only diminish your results.
  2. Anticipate an education process. Many of our clients are working to position their IT Services with prospects who may automatically think of their company as product driven. Others are positioning services that are new or emerging within the marketplace. Anticipating that an education process will be needed, aids the overall campaign development process and helps to develop messaging that is focused on educating prospects on your value.
  3. Back value propositions with proof points. When leading with Services, it not enough to present your value propositions. You also need real proof points to back them up. We also recommend aligning your value and proof points with specific industries whenever possible (i.e. Financial, Healthcare, etc). A customized approach is the best.
  4. Multi-Touch, Multi-Media. In order to accomplish the above points, you have to be willing to invest in multiple touches. Service led engagements typically require call-email-call strategies, as well as long-term nurturing. Integrating relevant content is important – whitepapers, case-studies, solution briefings will aid the education process and ultimately move prospects into your lead funnel.

These are just a few of the strategies to review and incorporate when you’re utilizing telemarketing to drive leads for a Service-led engagement.