Smart Advice - Focus on Lead Quality Before Quantity

Smart Advice – Focus on Lead Quality Before Quantity

When presented with the option of receiving high quality leads or a large quantity of leads, how would you respond? If you are like many marketers and sales managers within today’s economy, you probably really and truly want to have both. And I can tell you from firsthand experience, that it is possible. However to obtain both you have to first focus your attention on lead quality.

Focusing on quality – ensuring your lists are adequately targeted, refining your telemarketing messaging and validating that the leads meet your sales team needs – will solidify your overall telemarketing strategy. From that position of strength, you can then move on to expand your program to increase your quantity of output.

When you launch a new telemarketing lead generation initiative, our advice is to engage in a reasonable pilot program – we typically recommend 3-6 months in duration. During this