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Is Telemarketing Effective During December?

We see many companies withdraw their telemarketing efforts at the end of the year due to the holiday season. However, this is not always necessary, as we’ve seen some great results when targeting certain customers and industries. While certainly some of the targeted influencers are out of the office enjoying the holiday season, we’ve found that many of the decision makers are at work wrapping up this year and getting a head start on the new year.

Let look at a few reasons why we’ve seen success from our calling over the last two weeks:

  • Those who are in the office are typically very willing to engage in discussion. Thus, it a great time to establish rapport with key prospects and nurture your relationships with customers
  • Targeting specific industries that are most likely to be working (i.e. Retail, Financial Services) will help to ensure the most production possible.
  • Many of the regular gatekeepers are out of the office so it been easier to reach the decision-makers
  • While the economy is picking up, many businesses still can’t afford to close their doors during this time.

Telemarketing in December – even during the holidays – can be very effective. Remember this insight next year and you’ll see the benefits!