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Be Prepared – Avoid Just Checking In and Instead Become a Valuable Resource

Now more than ever, given the economic climate in the marketplace, make sure to have a primary objective for your call and be confident in your questioning. One reason agents may wander with questions is that they’re not prepared or confident. Prepare your agents with meaningful questions ahead of time and make sure to role-play to build confidence.

The objective of your telemarketing opening is to pique interest and curiosity so that your contact is willingly and enthusiastically interested in learning more and engaged in a dialogue with you. Before you call your prospect, ask the question, “What’s in it for the listener?” Have something of value to say on every telemarketing call. Particularly calls to existing customers or those that you are nurturing. Avoid, “Just checking in with you to see if you needed anything,” and, “Just calling to touch base.” This can be more bothersome rather than of service. Be certain the contact is better off after your call than they were before it, even if they did not turn into a lead opportunity during the conversation. I always tell agents to call with news or ideas that will be of interest to the prospect. Mention that you were “thinking of them” and tell them why. For example,