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Attitude is Everything

Isn’t the saying…our attitude is 90% of how we react to 10% of the “things” life throws at us? I believe a positive attitude can be everything when it comes to the work environment. I’ve been in the working world for two decades now and in my professional position as a Human Resource Director for half of that time. If there is any particular observation about employees I can comment on from this length of time is that attitude is everything. That being a blanket statement, let me drill it down a little more: the attitude an employee displays, good or bad, while in a job has a direct effect on how they are perceived by peers and managers. For example, we have a number of agents in the call center that exude a positive attitude, no matter what situation they are in. Their metaphorical glass is always half full and these agents never seem to let a negative tone get in the way of success. When faced with a challenging or outdated list, they will make double the calls to meet their daily goal. Conversely, we have known an agent or two, that, when faced with the same challenges, shrug the shoulders and chalk it up to being a bad day. What makes the one group so driven to accomplish the goal and the other to easily admit defeat? It is the attitude they decided to take toward the situation. Of course, identifying attitude is somewhat difficult in the screening process, because everyone is positive when selling their skills. But, once they become an employee, we can then observe and understand where they are coming from. The agents that have been promoted into higher positions were initially identified by the positive, or “can-do” attitude they displayed, even when no opportunities were available, and quite possibly when they didn’t think anyone was looking. Even when we have an agent that struggles to meet performance expectations, we know that if the right attitude is there, success is soon to come. While factors beyond a persons control can also effect how they react to a situation, it comes down to making a choice everytime. And, when it comes to the work world, to be a success either in position or in the market, a positive attitude is everything.