Survey Results: Best in Class Telemarketing Practices

Survey Results: Best in Class Telemarketing Practices

For the second consecutive year, TeleNet Marketing Solutions surveyed marketing
professionals to more thoroughly understand how business-to-business companies ‘ primarily in the high-tech industry – are utilizing telemarketing within their lead generation strategy. The
marketers surveyed range from lead generation managers to vice presidents of marketing and represent some of the largest and most recognized brands in the high-tech industry. Most of
these companies are dealing with a complex sales cycles lasting at least 6 months. The survey delved into usage of telemarketing, processes, measurement and areas of improvement.

We have analyzed the data and have pinpointed the marketers who represent the “best in

For the purpose of this analysis, our definition of “best in class” (BIC) includes marketers who can accurately tie closed revenue to their telemarketing initiatives and who classify themselves
as “satisfied” with their overall telemarketing programs and approach.

Throughout our report, we have analyzed the responses of those who meet our “best in class” criteria and contrast their responses with the rest of the marketers who responded to the survey. Additionally, we have compared the results of our 2009 survey to the results of our first “best in class” survey conducted in January 2008 in order to understand what has changed and
identify potential emerging trends, as well as new recommendations.

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