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Three Steps to Clean Your Prospect Data While Generating Leads

If you’re like me, then you are tired of hearing about the economy and tired of thinking about the economy. However, as tired as we are of this subject, the need to alter our behavior as a result of the economy is very real.

We recently examined the list quality on over 50,000 business names acquired from 12 data sources utilized on a series of campaigns which included direct mail with immediate telemarketing follow-up. We found that on average 66% of the contact data on the lists was determined to be inaccurate – many had left their companies, moved to new positions, changed offices, etc.

As you’ve read in our blog over the last several weeks, the need for data hygiene is becoming more and more important due to the massive reorganizations and job cuts caused by our economic conditions. However, if you are like many marketing organizations, it may be very challenging for you to set aside significant dollars for the sole purpose of cleaning up your data. Therefore, here are three things you can do to clean your data while generating leads:

  1. Change from a mail-call approach to call-mail-call strategies. In our analysis, we found 66% of the contact level data was inaccurate. That means that only 34% of the mailers had a real shot at landing on the