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Using Telemarketing to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

The economy is on everyone mind, both personally and professionally. I’ve had several clients ask about the role of Teleservices during this period of economic struggle. Last week, I provided some suggestions for how to focus your telemarketing dollars. Additionally one of my June postings, reported that B2B marketers were estimating a 60% increase in the length of buy cycle because of the down economy. At that time, I pointed out three ways that telemarketing can help to shorten the sales cycle and improve your messaging. I think they are worth repeating now,

  1. Real-time Market Feedback: The advantage companies have when they engage their prospects in conversations is the ability to ask pinpointed questions in order to better understand the market pain points, critical business issues and situations. If you are conducting a telemarketing campaign, ensure that you are asking your market questions way beyond