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Maintain A Strategic Vision for Your Lead Generation Initiatives

Is tactical campaign management getting in the way of your strategic vision? It easy to let this happen since managing a lead generation initiative takes a great deal of focus on small details that can either make or break your results. However, it also important to maintain a strategic focus on your efforts.

Here are some steps that you can take to help keep strategy at the forefront of your activities:

  • Be proactive with setting goals that will allow you to maintain and expand your lead generation funding. Specifically, look at the quantity and type (quality) of leads that you will need to obtain in order to achieve your required ROI. Be sure to look at historical sales closure data, as well as average order size. Communicate this goal with all relevant parties and compare it to benchmarks to ensure it reachable. Set your reporting mechanisms to measure activity against your goals on an ongoing basis.
  • Connect the dots when running multiple campaigns to ensure you’re capitalizing on data from other similarly focused campaigns. For instance, if you are running a lead generation program focused on a specific product group and you’ve implemented past programs focused on this same product group, always review your previous campaign database as it likely ripe with contacts prime for your new campaign.
  • Before you launch,Think about your campaign from your prospect perspective (your target market). Ask yourself if you are providing a relevant message and relevant content based on their characteristics (industry, title, environment, etc).