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Lead Nurturing: What is Most Critical?

When launching a lead generation program, most marketers know that the single most important element is their targeted list. So, if data is the most critical element for lead generation, what is most critical element for lead nurturing? Content. In the world of lead nurturing, content is king. As stated in our article Show ’em the Love , without relevant content, a nurturing strategy is nothing more than a means to thoroughly bug, bother and nag your top prospects. Thus, to engage in a successful lead nurturing process, you must focus attention on ensuring content is meaningful, well organized and updated.

Pulling together content for your lead nurturing program can be a daunting task, however, it doesn’t have to be. Our recommendation is to repurpose your existing content developed for your various marketing campaigns. This can include many types of marketing content such as case studies, customer testimonials, whitepapers, on demand webinars, podcasts, and solution or technology briefs. As you examine your existing content, make sure you have a strong emphasis on credibility pieces. In our experience, case studies and whitepapers are the most interesting forms of content to provide to prospects – additionally, they position you as a