TeleNet's Nurturing Methodology Utilizes "Human Touch" to Generate Significant ROI for Clients

TeleNet’s Nurturing Methodology Utilizes “Human Touch” to Generate Significant ROI for Clients

Leads not converting to Sales

Closed loop analysis has determined that in many companies long-term leads, as well as qualified prospects that are not yet leads, are not activity pursued or nurtured by their sales organization resulting in prospects falling into a “black hole” between marketing and sales. Sales teams are measured on closed business and therefore, naturally focus on short and mid term opportunities, which will allow them to reach their quota. On average, 10% of marketing campaign responses are long-term leads, while the largest segment – 50% to 70% – are qualified prospects that will buy…eventually. Without a nurturing strategy in place up, companies are not maximizing their marketing investments.


“Nurturing” is often used as buzz word by marketing service providers, yet few companies truly understand what it takes to effectively nurture for the complex sales cycle. Myths include:
  1. You can nurture a complex sales cycle using email only. False: Relationships cannot be nurtured via email alone. Relationships are established and developed via one-on-one conversations.
  2. All prospects should be contacted within the same intervals.False: Successful nurturing relies on customized contact strategies based on individual prospect requirements, needs and buying stage.
In a complex sales cycle, Nurturing is a relationship-building approach utilizing multiple media to provide relevant information to prospects while engaging in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are “sales ready”. TeleNet has developed a “human-touch” nurturing process using proven methodology, which combines telemarketing, email and micro-websites while leveraging our client’s media placement, webinars and regional events. TeleNet’s Nurturing methodology includes 3 important steps:
  1. Lay a Foundation for your prospect relationship.
  2. Segment and label prospects based on their buying stage.
  3. Build an ongoing contact strategy customized to your prospect.


TeleNet has worked with many companies to develop successful “human-touch” nurturing strategies. Our Nurturing clients include:
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Transcend
  • Oce
  • BancIntelligence
  • CTDI
Below are results from just two of our programs. Enterprise Software Provider:
  • 1,450 Leads & Qualified Prospects over 18 months.
  • Turned 170 into “Sales Ready”
  • Largest single sale “won” to date is $660,000.00
  • Active Pipeline = $6,960,700.00.
  • Expected Yield = $1,124,553.00
  • Current 12:1 ROI
Enterprise Hardware Provider:
  • Prevented 1,000+ non sales-ready leads from diluting sales effort
  • Turned over 213 Sales-Ready Leads in 12 months
  • Upgraded 373 Qualified Prospects to defined long-term Opportunities
  • $9.4 Million in “Won” Nurtured Channel Leads
  • $2.3 Million in “Won” Nurtured Campaign Leads
  • CPL averages only 2.6% higher than traditional lead generation