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How to Use Targeted Telemarketing to Generate Service Leads

The services industry accounts for 55% of the economic activity in the U.S. and comprises the lion share of the private, non-goods producing industries that account for approximately 70% of total U.S. economic activity. The unique characteristics of services products distinguish this sector from the goods-producing sectors. Unlike traditional goods, a service product does not necessarily have tangible qualities, and it is not necessarily associated with a particular form.

Because services are not tangible, it is often difficult for potential customers to understand what they will receive and what value it will hold for them. The quality of the individuals providing the services often translates into the quality of the service itself, and differentiation is often difficult. This can translate into unique barriers for a successful lead generation campaign.

Finding the right contactDespite it growing market share, decision makers for service vendors are not easily identifiable. In fact, in many cases there is not a specific position or title that corresponds to this role within an organization. Since it a less clearly defined job function, the first person that you speak with, an organization receptionist or a contact gatekeeper, may not know where to direct you when you ask for a person in charge of – for instance – IT Service decisions.

What works: Providing examples with which they can identify. Suggesting titles with whom you typically speak is one good way to get around this initial hurdle. If this fails, then you approach the generic top-level decision maker and use referrals from them to obtain the