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How Do You Compare? Best In Class Telemarketing Practices

Comparing and contrasting your telemarketing approach and processes with more than 50 of your peers can be interesting. But what does it really tell you? Perhaps that it’s “OK” not to have formal and regular communication with your sales team because 70 percent of your peers don’t either? It may make you feel better, but it’s not very helpful if you are trying to improve – or if you want to achieve “best in class” status.

In order to more thoroughly understand how high-tech companies are utilizing telemarketing within their targeted lead generation strategy–as well as the practices they follow–TeleNet Marketing Solutions surveyed more than 50 marketing professionals, ranging from lead generation managers to vice presidents of marketing. Respondents of the survey represent some of the largest and most recognized brands in the industry, the majority of which are dealing with a complex and lengthy sales cycle of at least 6 months. The survey delved into usage of telemarketing, processes, measurement and areas of improvement.

Rather than simply showing you what all of the surveyed companies are doing, we have taken time to thoroughly review the results from the respondent companies that others aspire to emulate-particularly those marketers who represent the “best in class”.

Download our PDF to review the results of our “best in class” analysis and to receive Five Recommendations that you can implement today!