Filling the Pipeline. TeleNet Generates Leads for Companies on the Rise

Filling the Pipeline. TeleNet Generates Leads for Companies on the Rise

Your company has been humming along nicely but you’ve hit a sales lull at the $25 million mark, or you’re an emerging firm backed by venture capital that’s poised for growth – but you just can’t break through to the next level in sales.

How do you turn the plateau into a peak?

Some firms are turning to lead generation services including TeleNet Marketing Solutions – an Athens-area company owned by Gwinnett native Gregg Garrett that boasts an average ROI of between 8-1 and 12-1. Working mostly with technology, financial and pharmaceutical clients, TeleNet:

  • finds buyers for clients’ services and products
  • helps companies understand and qualify their market

“We’re in the business of helping clients identify, capture and nurture prospects and clients,” says Garrett, who left a Norcross company to start his own in 1999. He and his 70-plus employees have since amassed annual billings of more than $5 million while landing clients including AT&T, Hewlett Packard, and BellSouth.

Among other recent success stories, TeleNet spent more than six months working for a firm providing software to banks. The campaign targeted senior level bank managers with appointment setting, brochures, phone calls, and e-mail, among other communications vehicles. The result? The client closed on deals that equaled its total revenues from the previous year.

Part of TeleNet’s formula for hitting client goals involves keeping prospect and customer data clean, a challenge for any business that wants to avoid chasing inaccurate leads. Another key is that TeleNet remains invisible to the targets it pursues – operating under the name of clients rather than its own.

“I would absolutely recommend them,” says Jeff McKee, a senior vice president of sales for Transcend Services. His company, which provides transcriptions services to hospitals and health networks, called on TeleNet to uncover opportunities with medical companies interested in outsourcing that task. The pilot program went so well that Transcend converted to an annual contract. “They’re the experts in that endeavor. They have the oversight, the management and the best practices to do better for us than what we could do alone.”