Encouraging the Agent to Become the Teacher - TeleNet Marketing

Skill Development – Encouraging the Agent to Become the Teacher

As part of our employee development at TeleNet, we offer our Marketing Communication Specialists (MCSs) the opportunity to participate in our agent leveling program. Within this program, MCSs are required to successfully participate and pass several skill development assignments and assessments. Successful participation in this program opens the door to increases in salary and career advancement.

One of the components of our leveling program is for the MCS to prepare a presentation on a topic relating to our core competencies in the marketing services industry, or relating to their client expertise. The MCS is then required to present to TeleNet management team.

As our vice president of human resources, having our MCSs successfully advance through TeleNet leveling program is particularly important to me. Therefore, I’ve set monthly goals for the number of presentations that I’d like our team to complete during 2013. I’m proud that we are currently on pace to meet this goal.

To provide more insight into this particular assessment, I want to share part of the outline from one of our recent presentations. The topic,