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Targeting the Education Industry with Teleprospecting

TeleNet has vast experience using teleprospecting to target the Education Industry, including K-12 & Higher Education. Our experience includes cold calling, responder follow up and industry event follow up (including industry event such as Educause, ISTE, TCEA, NECC & FETC). Furthermore, the range of high tech products we’ve marketed is broad:

  • Enterprise Servers & Storage
  • Document Management
  • Printing & Imaging Solutions
  • Personal Systems
  • Networking
  • Software
  • IT Services

Based on this experience and collaboration with our clients, we have significant knowledge about how to be successful within this industry. This week, I will share with you several keys to success in targeting the Education Industry.

Keys to Success:

For Higher-Ed, understanding of how the college/university is structured and how departments are defined is important when probing for needs and qualifying leads…

  • Budget is often times allocated by department
  • Different departments require different solutions

For K-12, understanding the decision making process and budget cycle by school and district helps to pave the way to success…

  • Superintendents tend to make solution oriented decisions for the entire district, but rely on IT Directors/Managers for general IT hardware/software infrastructure purchases
  • Procurement can play a large roll in purchases
  • Timing of campaign is key. Budget is normally already planned by the end of the previous school year.
  • Understanding of EDU contracts/grants and how they influence purchasing is also important.  While decisions can be made independently, a lot are influenced by contracts that are currently in place with school system. Example: E-Rate