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Learning Your Role in the Sales Pipeline

One of the primary concerns in coaching teleprospectors to close a deal for Lead Generation is helping them to understand their role when it comes to the sales pipeline. Put simply, the agent acts as a liaison between the customer and their eventual sales representative. But how do they get from point A to point B? In other words, how does the agent uncover pains of the customer, suggest a solution, and ultimately demonstrate the benefit of working with a sales representative for that initiative? The final step is often where even the best agent can get caught up: closing the deal.

Surprisingly, it can be the most knowledgeable agent that struggles to do just that- to get the lead. It may be baffling to hear a call where a customer is interested, and the agent rattles through information like an expert, but somehow fails to generate the lead. In many cases, the issue lies in that the agent does not fully understand their role in the sales process.

It is not the agent role to make the sale itself or to answer every question the customer may have regarding the solution; it is actually to uncover the need, and then most importantly, to put the customer in touch with a sales representative so that they can do what they do best- pitch the details of the solution or offer up another solution that may be better suited. Now don’t get me wrong, it is imperative to understand the solution you are marketing and to provide benefits and value proposition of the product. However, there is a point in lead generation when answering questions can become the bullet in your foot. In an era when you can buy anything from socks to ferris wheels on the internet, answering all of a customer questions on a specific solution will often result in a