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BancIntelligence & TeleNet Utilize Targeted Lead Generation Aimed At Banking Executives


Headquartered in Atlanta, BancIntelligence’s online advisory solution provides the banking industry with the leading source of objective, financial and market analysis. The BancAnalyst tools enable their client banks to immediately identify and quantify their best opportunities for growth and profit enhancement, and make specific recommendations for efficient resource allocation. Over 500 financial institutions use these powerful tools for strategic and tactical planning to help drive earnings growth.


BancIntelligence’s solution identifies areas that are difficult for banks to isolate, which they need to focus on to enhance profitability and effectively grow their franchise. Initially utilizing email and direct mail marketing tactics, BancIntelligence found that their message was not easily communicated to their target audience. Given the uniqueness of their solution, BancIntelligence determined it was most effective to communicate by speaking directly to the CEOs, CFOs and COOs of their target market. They derived a marketing and sales strategy that allowed perspective customers to participate in one-on-one, customized Web conferences in order to gain a first-hand understanding of how BancIntelligence’s service could benefit their particular community bank. While this strategy was successful, BancIntelligence needed a marketing partner in order to communicate the concept to their target market, develop a pipeline of qualified prospects and schedule the Web conferences.


After evaluating several marketing service providers, BancIntelligence selected TeleNet Marketing Solutions for an initial 3-month appointment-setting pilot program. TeleNet Marketing dedicated two marketing communication specialists from their strategic team to support the program. Based on the success of the pilot, BancIntelligence engaged in a long-term contract with TeleNet Marketing. The TeleNet Marketing team began the campaign by collaborating with BancIntelligence to define and build a qualified universe of community banks and their senior executives. Using a database supplied by BancIntelligence, TeleNet expanded and augmented the list through telemarketing. Establishing a strategic demand generation plan, TeleNet yielded immediate sales opportunities through an integrated telemarketing and e-mail approach. The marketing communication specialists utilized telemarketing, supplemented by integrated e-marketing, to engage executive decision-makers within the community banking industry. The objective of this prospecting effort was to convey BancIntelligence’s unique value message and to ultimately convince the prospect of the benefits of attending a personalized Web conference customized with an actual analysis of their bank’s strengths and areas for improvements. In many cases, TeleNet Marketing was able to schedule the Web conference during the bank’s strategic planning session or asset and liability committee (ALCO) meeting.  


To measure results, the team implemented a feedback process to track sales follow-up and marketing return on investment and a system to assess lead generation messaging. Results were used to modify approaches and enhance the program. TeleNet Marketing schedules an average of 30 appointments per month, exceeding BancIntelligence’s original goal of 20 appointments per month. Approximately 85 percent of the appointments that TeleNet Marketing schedules makes it to BancIntelligence’s forecast and 25.45 percent result in “won” business. Eddie Hunter, marketing manager at BancIntelligence, told the Atlanta Business Chronicle that their business has grown from 200 customers to over 500 customers since first engaging TeleNet Marketing two years ago. “[The program] provides us with a proactive sales/ marketing engine that allows us to more aggressively pursue opportunities and have a broader reach,” said Hunter. “We don’t do any direct mail campaigns or other costly, low sales producing marketing campaigns. TeleNet not only generates Web conferences for us today but provides the necessary touches we need for name recognition down the road.”  
"It's critical for us to partner with a marketing provider that can effectively and professionally communicate at the executive level. TeleNet's communication specialists are seasoned professionals, who we fully trust to bring our message to our target market." Eddie Hunter BancIntelligence marketing manager