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Lead Nurturing Beyond the Phone Call

In May, I posted a blog titled Lead Nurturing – The Importance of Ongoing Communication, which highlighted some tips for success in a telemarketing nurturing approach. However, a successful lead nurturing initiative goes beyond a regularly scheduled phone conversation. Integrating additional communication mediums, such as email, invitations to local events, and new deliverables, will continue to add value to the nurturing relationship.

Open Channels for Email Communications
As a best practice, we encourage our agents to maintain an open channel of email communications with their prospects. They send a follow up email after each phone conversation, including updated collateral on areas of interest and reemphasizing the timeframe for the next phone call. Our agents also send a proactive email prior to the scheduled follow up to ensure the prospect will be expecting their call. Finally, any updated deliverables or new product announcements matching the prospects interests are delivered on a regular basis. This approach reaffirms the relationship between the prospect and your organization and helps to keep your solutions top of mind.

Promote Local Events
Many organizations host training sessions and new product demonstrations for their local customers and prospects. Local events are a great call to action for customers, allowing them face time with their local sales representatives and to stay updated on the latest solutions and services available. Local events are also a great offer for prospects that are less familiar with your solutions and are interested in learning more before engaging in the sales process.

Integrate Special Offers
Who doesn’t enjoy receiving emails promoting discounts and special offers on the products and services they use? Keeping customers and prospects updated on new deals and special promotions is a great way to keep your solutions top of mind, especially when the prospect is experiencing challenges with reduced budgets. Regular updates of special offers keeps the channel of communication open, so that when a prospect does anticipate a need, your solution will be at the top of their list.

The key to a positive lead nurturing initiative is to establish a relationship between your organization and potential customers. Using these additional deliverables intermediately with phone conversations is another way to ensure your solution is top of mind when a need presents itself.