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Building careers in B2B Telemarketing

With the new year into full swing (hard to believe it is end of March already), there will likely be someone that makes a career change to a different job. That change may manifest from a goal set in the prior year or from a New Year resolution, but one way or another, most career minded individuals, in my opinion, have a plan and try to work that plan until it comes true. In today blog, I would like to reflect on career building at TeleNet. The majority of our employee groups are in the call center, therefore when there is a career position open we consistently seek opportunities to recruit and promote from this group. Of our team of Supervisors that manage the agent team, 90% were promoted from the agent roll into the Supervisory role. Likewise, 100% of the Quality Assurance (QA) team worked as agents before moving into that role. As it relates to a career path, these employees may not have walked into the company on their first day with the mindset of becoming a Supervisor or QA Specialist, but while here, their interest grew and our interest in them grew out of need, but more importantly, from the characteristics they displayed as professional marketing agents. Following is a list of characteristics (not all inclusive) that cause employees to stand out amongst the rest of the team and ultimately be considered for promotion opportunities to build a career:

  • Dependable: If an agent is consistently dependable, the options for them increase because they are immersed in our day to day work and understand the processes that make our business successful.
  • Advanced application & analytical skills: The ability to work in a environment requiring advanced skills in most MS office applications gives an employee a stronger skill set for our management and support staff needs. Being quick to analyze data and utilize our reporting mechanisms, along with creating meaningful queries from our data repositories, provides a skill set that allows our operations team to manage with competitive speed and agility.
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills: Our business is built on the accuracy and credibility of the information created at the call level; thus, our support staff must continually