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Telemarketing Strategies within the Healthcare Industry

When targeting the healthcare industry via telemarketing, depending on the size and type of organization, here are a few key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to tailor messaging to each target title – typically there are multiple decision making levels within large healthcare organizations. It is important to ensure that the messaging focuses on what is important and relevant to the level of contact. Also, it is important to consider that the actual target contact can vary widely by type of solution. The traditional role of an IT department does not always apply as in other industries.
    • Example: Medical Image Archiving
      • Target Radiologists with messaging centered on patient care, retrieval speed and cost.
      • Target IT with messaging centered on ease of integration with EMR
      • Target Administrators with messaging focused on meeting compliance objectives.
  • When targeting the C-Level, implement strategies that are proven to work
    • A multi-media/multi-touch approach can work to catch attention of the target by breaking through clutter.
    • Make sure to focus on big picture business benefits i.e. Improving Patient Care, Cutting Costs, Maximize Stimulus
    • Utilize and empower Gatekeepers in order to gain access to the decision maker
    • Don’t give up too soon! Typically requires an average of 12.4 attempts to reach a C-Level target
    • Consider Nurturing Strategies when the solution involves a long sales cycle
  • Utilize Contact Discovery and Profiling when targeting smaller healthcare organizations