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Six Questions to Ask When Seeking a Lead Generation TM Agency.

If you’re evaluating telemarketing agencies for lead generation, here are six questions that you will want to make sure to ask.

  1. What is your knowledge of my company / industry? Finding an agency with relevant experience is crucial. Tell me about your experience in my industry. What’s your approach? Do you have case studies to share? Are you working with my competitors? If so, how do you maintain confidentiality?
  2. Who are the telemarketing agents that will support my program? The quality of work starts with the agents conducting the phone calls. What is their educational background? Experience level? Skill Sets? Can I interview the agents before they are assigned to my campaign?
  3. How are your agents compensated? Compensation models can affect quality and output. Is compensation tied to customer satisfaction and quality of output? Are the agents compensated per lead passed?
  4. What processes do you have in place to guarantee quality? Leads are only valuable if they match the definition of what Sales is committed to working. How do you ensure quality of work? What is your audit process? How many calls are monitored (listened to) and evaluated by management?
  5. What is your Results Management philosophy? Measurement of success must align between vendor and client. What benchmarks will you use to project results? How do you manage that goals are obtained? What happens if results are less than anticipated? How does your company trouble-shoot issues and solve problems?
  6. What do you expect from me? Successful programs are a collaboration between client and vendor. What deliverables will you need from me initially? And ongoing? What should I anticipate in terms of the time investment from my company in order to make this program successful?