Cold Calling - Steps to warm up to your prospects

Cold Calling – Steps to warm up to your prospects

Many times, we are faced with calling a prospect who we have never spoken to before and who knows very little, if anything, about our “product”. During that first call we can’t expect to build an instant relationship, but we do want to make a favorable impression and lay the foundation for a relationship. As you have heard before, people always buy from those who they know and trust. So, how can we “warm up” to our prospects and accomplish our goals?

  • Introduce yourself: Yes, this is an old tradition, which absolutely applies. It is important to exude confidence in the introduction. We must effectively let the prospect know who we are and what we do. Part of our introduction should also include letting them know “what is in it” for them.
  • Listen: Set aside time to not only talk to them, but to also listen. Listening is imperative if we want to establish rapport with the prospect. Many times, we are tempted to focus more on what we have to say, instead of listening. We must train ourselves to listen so that we can gain insight into the prospect’s short and long-term goals.
  • Show Understanding: It is imperative that when we call to speak with a prospect that we are able to illustrate that we understand their business and their business concerns. This is something that begins well before we pick up the phone and continues well after. We must understand the prospect and the issues they face in order to ensure that our “product” is relevant to them and benefits their needs.

Cold calling is a great way to generate new business leads and ultimately grow your company. Putting extra emphasis on your cold-calling delivery can go a long way. Always remember that your goal is to establish the next step. This could be a scheduled call or a face-to-face meeting.