Reviewing the Big Picture

Reviewing the Big Picture

I just returned from our annual kick-off meeting, which brings our management, sales and program teams together for 2-days. This meeting allows us to perform a check and balance for the previous year goals, as well as review, discuss and set our new goals for 2010. Our annual group forum brings everyone on the same page. The momentum of a group of people is much stronger than the individuals alone.

Coming back from this meeting, I feel more energized to tackle 2010, and it makes me think of how we can apply the same type of annual meeting to our clients. Although we regularly review project metrics, results, recommendations, and learnings, this is a great time to get together face-to-face (or virtual) and look at the big picture. This meeting should include not just the program drivers, but all of those who touch the campaigns: Product Marketing, Marketing Communication, Sales, etc.

Here are some items to cover:

  • Overall results against goals. Look beyond the individual campaign results to view the entire business unit or team’s results. Compare campaigns and identify those that were most successful. Share campaign successes with the entire team. Look at setting new goals for 2010.
  • Changing targets. Discuss how your targeting should change in 2010, including specific industries, revenue sizes or sales segments
  • Current product/service/solution areas. Review your focus for the new year. Where does the sales team need marketing the most? What new products should be integrated into existing campaigns? Where are the opportunities to expand messaging?
  • Processes. Are your current processes working for lead distribution, communication/feedback, tracking, etc. Where are the areas to improve and change in 2010?

Reviewing big-picture progress and setting new goals for lead generation and lead nurturing initiatives are important steps to ensuring focus in the new year.