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Capitalizing on the Talent Pool of a Troubled Economy

There is no question that our society is going through a phase of economic evolution. Seemingly overnight, the troubles of Wall Street have managed to seep into the fibers of a society that was, at one point not long ago, fairly sure of what opportunity tomorrow held. By extracting the obvious ails of the housing crash, auto giant bailouts and banking fallout, the loss of solid, necessary jobs in industries that most of us in the layman world thought were integral to society and business have quickly surfaced on the front page news. In the wake of all this are people possessing a host of impressionable skills and credentials many would love to have. A good bit of these dislocated workers are products of the intellectual investment of companies seeking to compete in the desktop age where, unfortunately, in years past many jobs became portable and moved to other parts of the world. Of course now, in our own country, we are experiencing a down sizing, or “right sizing” of a highly qualified workforce. The insurgency of this skilled talent pool presents a great opportunity to a company like TeleNet. Our goal is to recruit an agent that will quickly prove the ability to emulate the skill set our clients seek in their own work force. Having a readily available pool of candidates with targeted experience in sales, technology, banking, client services and call center, provides us the advantage of hiring strong employees faster than before. The benefits to our company, as well as to our client’s, are multi-fold, for example: the training of a new hire turns from an instructional “how-to” session to a knowledge sharing, “this is why” training. Another equally rewarding result of hiring in today’s troubled economy is that a thankful, well-prepared employee has a new job to call home. While the hope is that our economy will swing into high gear and many old and new jobs will come around, I believe our advantage in this market is to provide our clients with the best talent available to increase the odds of stronger sales to contribute to an economic upswing.