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Using Proactive Telemarketing to Maximize Your ROI

A lot of time, effort, and money can be spent on creating meaningful assets to be used as a call to action to get your customers & prospects to raise their hand. These types of awareness activities are essential to educate your target audience about your products, services and solutions. However, it is important to maximize the return on investment for this type of activity.

In order to most effectively qualify your prospects and turn them into leads, the asset registration form must always include the phone number as a required field. While this seems like an obvious requirement, many times it overlooked.

A tactic to maximize your return is to also engage in proactive telemarketing. We recommend that responder follow up telemarketing campaigns are coupled with proactive outbound telemarketing. The proactive calling pushes your targeted customers & prospects to view the assets through promotion of the landing page and/or by emailing the assets directly to interested contacts upon conclusion of the telemarketing conversation. These tactics build awareness to a larger audience, and generate leads that would otherwise not have been obtained. Thus, making the overall ROI higher and the Cost Per Lead lower.