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Successful Lead Generation Tactic: Engage The Gatekeepers!

In Melissa Joffrion recent blog entry, titled Lead Generation to C-Level Executives, she offers tips on how to effectively reach out to C-level Executives and other important decision makers. Melissa touches on the importance of gatekeepers and how you should keep them close during calling efforts. Below are a few things to remember when dealing with the often overlooked and underestimated gatekeeper.

One of the most common mistakes in telemarketing to c-levels is spending unproductive time trying to dodge or fool the gatekeeper. Instead, we recommend that you engage the gatekeeper.

Consider the role of the gatekeeper: he or she is responsible for limiting unnecessary, distracting, and potentially meaningless interruptions that may disrupt their boss productivity. And let face it, most telemarketing calls aimed at C-level Executives are usually uninvited. Therefore you need to focus on showing the gatekeeper that the content and message that you are communicating is worthy of scheduling a phone conversation, setting an appointment, sending an email, and/or accessing the voicemail of their boss. How do you do this?

  • Build rapport. More than likely you will not get through to the executive decision-maker on the first try. Be likeable, friendly and polite. Just like the people you care to speak with on a daily basis (family, friends, etc.), you should treat the gatekeeper in the same manner.
  • Show respect and be cooperative. Their time is just as valuable as their boss . They have a job just like you do. In many cases the gatekeeper will request an email outlining the reason(s) you’d like to speak with the executive. Make sure to have an email template created for this purpose. Be sure to focus your message on benefits, not buzz words. Being able to readily provide this information allows you to build some confidence with the gatekeeper, which is one of the first steps to winning her/him over in order to gain access to that executive.
  • Ask for their advice. One of the most overlooked techniques is to ask the gatekeeper for advice on how to communicate with the executive. Simply asking questions like