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Agent Interviewing: How to find the best B2B Lead Generation telemarketers

Interviewing and qualifying candidates for multi-channel marketing positions is not an easy task. Many of our clients and prospective clients ask us how we tackle agent recruitment. Here our interview approach,

Once a candidate makes the short list and proceeds to the in-person interviews with TeleNet managers, there are several key items that are considered and that weigh heavily on the decision that will be taken.

  • Writing Sample
    All candidates for our agent position must submit an example of their writing style. This is an important indicator of what the person can deliver on paper. In an environment where email communication plays a significant role, agents need to be able to write in a dynamic fashion, using a succinct style with clear points, objectives or questions. At TeleNet we typically have email templates for programs created by our Program Directors to ensure top-shelf quality; however agents are expected to customize those templates with additional calls-to-action or contact specific information that enhances the customer experience.
  • Voice Mail Sample
    Not everyone can be a telemarketing superstar on the phone; and although we have many agents with a great voice, the focus is primarily on style. When we recruit, part of the process includes having the candidate leave a voice mail message following a standard scripted text. Upon listening to this we look for tone, assertiveness, professionalism, correct grammar, proper pause and diction. Many agents project enthusiasm, flair, exceptional product knowledge (good value prop delivery) or empathy while having conversations or leaving voice mail. The overriding skills we look for (and you should) are clarity and professionalism- an agent can use and leverage his or her own calling style- but at the end of the day they must come across as being top notch and they must be clearly understood using the telephone as a primary medium.
  • Education/ Experience
    TeleNet employs a wide variety of different types of people. The talent pool includes people with tech-heavy backgrounds, college graduates with varied diplomas, previous business owners, and much more. However, the emphasis is always on a person willingness to learn and to do so quickly. I always recommend that you look closely at an individual skill set as a whole. Successful telemarketing agents are ones that have a good blend of education AND experience.
  • Drive
    Identifying people with drive and who aim for personal best performance are good candidates. We screen candidates using techniques that allow us to understand what motivates people and how they will react or behave in a number of different critical professional situations.
  • Customer Service
    Recruiting people that understand that the customer always comes first is another factor that must be considered. Since conveying a seamless marketing initiative is important, candidates that have strong Customer Service experience or skills are privileged in the screening process.

When it all accounted for, the things TeleNet looks for in a telemarketing agent are a solid personal background, ability to learn quickly and a varied skill set that can be plugged into a marketing program easily once training has been provided.