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DM News Tool Box: Closed Loop Lead Data

Question: How can I better obtain closed-loop data on my leads in order to show ROI?

Answer: “Consider taking a hands-on approach to your lead management by employing a closed-loop lead administrator,” suggests Kathy Rizzo, VP of marketing at TeleNet Marketing Solutions. This administrator would be a person who can actively monitor the CRM system, ensuring leads are properly assigned to sales reps and reassigned after staff turnover.

“The lead administrator can follow up directly with your sales representatives via phone and e-mail to ensure leads are actively pursued and to gather key information such as pipeline, forecast and closure data, as well as obtain qualitative feedback on the overall quality and type of leads provided,” Rizzo adds. “Although this is a manual, hands-on process, it is highly effective in receiving and documenting ROI stats, as well as other valuable feedback and metrics.”