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Tool Box – Answering Questions on Email, CRM and Direct Mail

What are some of the best practices in lead-nurturing? Kathy Rizzo, VP of marketing at TeleNet Marketing Solutions recommends telemarketing, "to call and ask pointed questions about prospects’ business challenges, “pains” and priorities, which will provide the information necessary to appropriately arrange your prospects into major categories." Once you have made contact with prospects, one way to keep track of them is touch scoring. “Every touch is not created equally,” Rizzo explains. Touch scoring requires two considerations. “First is the expense of the touch,” Rizzo says. “A one-on-one conversation is typically the most expensive, and thus receives the highest score.” The impact of the touch should also be taken into consideration. “A one-on-one conversation provides the most impact, as information is being given and received at the same time,” Rizzo adds. “By placing a simple score on each touch, you can monitor the average score required to nurture a ‘sales-ready’ lead.”