Seven Reasons You Might Need a Dedicated Agent Model

Seven Reasons You Might Need a Dedicated Agent Model

If any of the below criteria describe your current marketing situation, working with a tele partner that utilizes a dedicated agent model is likely the best choice for you. 

  1. Promoting a complex solution, service, or new product
  2. Dealing with a lengthy sales cycle
  3. Value nurturing of long-term prospects
  4. Want the flexibility to run multiple campaigns on-demand
  5. View alignment and appointment setting as critical 
  6. Boast a high-quality data set or high market demand
  7. Plan to integrate your tele partner within your systems

Read on to learn the difference that a dedicated team will make in reaching your marketing goals.

Marketing Qualified Leads with a Dedicated Agent Model

A dedicated agent model provides built-in flexibility to optimize and adjust, such as loosening or tightening lead criteria, making messaging or target audience updates, and adding new campaigns. In addition, stronger than expected production (like the uptick in production in midsize businesses over the past year) is financially advantageous with a dedicated agent model.

Compare this with a cost-per-lead model, which often tethers you to specific MQL criteria or locks you into specific per-MQL rates. This model can be a challenge if you have a very high-quality data set, want to make campaign modifications, or need the flexibility to adjust the lead criteria based on your sales team’s feedback. A pay-per-lead model requires rigidity. Whereas a dedicated model promotes flexibility to modify while proactively incorporating feedback from the sales team.

Data and Market Intelligence with a Dedicated Agent Model

Data generated from a telemarketing campaign is data gold! Each record has been attempted and often edited, and new contacts in decision-making roles have been discovered and appended, while old and unusable data have been weeded out. Add in the wealth of information garnered from the phone conversations: install base details, common pain points, competitor details, buying cycles, additional points of contact, and nurture ready prospects to mine. 

This valuable data should be leveraged for future campaigns, boosting your investment. With a dedicated team, the focus is on maximizing the entire data set versus cherry-picking to meet a specific number of leads, so you can be confident in its’ value.

Nurturing with a Dedicated Agent Model

A lengthy sales cycle and a complex solution benefit from a human-to-human nurturing strategy. By capturing information around your prospect’s business situation and future needs and then building a relationship over time, you are positioned to be front of mind and a trusted advisor. A dedicated agent is a key to implementing this type of human-touch nurturing methodology, which increases MQL output over time.

Integration: Systems, Teams, & New Campaigns with a Dedicated Agent Model

Leveraging a dedicated agent team has built-in benefits when working within your internal systems, aligning agents to your sales structure (i.e.: specific territories or segments), particularly when utilizing appointment setting. The dedicated nature of this model facilitates a quicker ramp up, a more seamless integration, and lowers errors.

Additionally, integrating specialized campaigns is pain-free. When you add in messaging around upcoming events and new solution information, you are building onto the existing knowledge base of your team.

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